In August 2017, the state of Texas was hit by unprecedented rainfall caused by Hurricane Harvey, devastating Texan families and businesses who consequently lost homes and property due to the floods. Approximately 203,000 homes were damaged in a path stretching over 300 miles (480 km) causing around $125 billion in damage. Hurricane Harvey caused one of the largest populations displaced by a natural disaster in recent years.

 60,000  Texans displaced.

 80%  lack flood insurance.




In 2017, our home base of South Texas experienced the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. With many of our own friends, family, and community members displaced by this disaster, The Unmentionables launched an emergency response campaign to help. While other organizations were filling many of the major gaps, such as shelter, food, and water provision, The Unmentionables stepped in to ensure the communities close to our hearts had safe and consistent access to health and hygiene supplies.

As The Unmentionables is committed to evidence-based interventions, including understanding when our work is done, we finished our emergency response efforts in South Texas in November 2017, after ensuring the stability of transportation and store access options for each community we served.

 37,046*  Items Provided

 20,900  Local Beneficiaries

*based on stock received model. All product distributed by end of 2017.