Egypt is a destination country along the central Mediterranean refugee route with people arriving from both the Middle East and East Africa. Since the Syrian civil war, Egypt has become a major destination for Syrian refugees, who account for over 50% of the refugees and asylum seekers in the country, while the remainder are from East Africa or Iraq. A growing number of refugees and asylum seekers are stranded in the most overcrowded and poorest neighborhoods of Egypt’s largest cities such as Cairo and Alexandria due to an increase in arrivals and tightened control measures aimed at curbing irregular outflows toward Europe. In such areas where local communities are already struggling with difficult living conditions, high unemployment rates, and poor access to critical services, displaced communities are heavily reliant on humanitarian assistance.

 213,530  Current Refugees

 49,877  Asylum Seekers

 49%  Women

 51%  Men

Primary Countries of Origin: Syria, Sudan, Palestine.




To ensure we provide products and education that are adapted to the needs of those we serve in Cairo and Alexandria, we work closely with our friends at Transformation Textiles to facilitate ongoing focus group discussions that inform the development of our education programs, as well as prioritize the human-centric design of the reusable menstrual hygiene solutions we utilize. To date, over 200 products have been tested with 20 women and girls from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds.

Partners: Transformation Textiles

 2  Research Projects Underway

 20  Local Participants

 200*  Product Tests

*based on distribution model.