In August 2017, the state of Texas was hit by unprecedented rainfall caused by Hurricane Harvey, devastating Texan families and businesses who consequently lost homes and property due to the floods. With over 1 million people displaced and 203,000 homes damaged in a path stretching over 300 miles (480 km), Hurricane Harvey inflicted at least $125 billion in damage.

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Founded in Texas, this disaster hit close to home for The Unmentionables and we were committed to bringing #HelpforHarvey by providing dignity through hygiene to those displaced by the hurricane, rain, and floods.

In the months that followed the natural disaster, The Unmentionables focused on providing undergarments, menstrual hygiene products as well as diapers to the local communities affected. We were overwhelmed by the generous support of our donors, with many volunteering to help organize distributions. Thanks to the incredible outpouring of monetary and in-kind donations, over 25,000 undergarments and $33,000 worth of hygiene products were distributed, giving victims of Hurricane Harvey a sense of comfort, hope, and dignity.