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 60%  of refugees today have never had access to sexual or reproductive health education.

And although 89% of females would like to learn more about these topics, only  8%  would attend an in-person class due to physical barriers or social stigma. Enter, UnFiltered – a multi-platform tech solution designed to reduce the physical, psychological, social, cultural, and communication barriers that everyone, including forcibly displaced communities, face when accessing sexual health education and resources. Born out of conversations with refugee women around the world, UnFiltered provides rights-based sexual and reproductive health education and empowerment lessons and resources to ensure information accessibility to forcibly displaced individuals of all backgrounds, education, and learning capabilities.

In partnership with RB and DUREX, UnFiltered puts the power of information and knowledge into the hands of millions through web, app, and SMS solutions (available in 2019). Providing UN-aligned comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information, it includes sections on Your Body & Health, Sex & Relationships, Consent, and LGBTQIA2+. The web platform is designed to be used by the general public, educators, and students, while the multi-language app will give everyone, including refugees and other marginalized groups, access to this information in a safe space, free of judgement.

Although there are websites that provide information on sexual and reproductive health, there isn’t a tech solution that specifically recognizes the sexual and reproductive needs of marginalized groups and communities in flight as a target user. Knowing that many refugees around the world have a phone­­ but not a computer, ­­UnFiltered gives access to life ­changing and life­ saving information to everyone, including some of the most remote and vulnerable populations around the world, in a self­ directed, interactive way.

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 Sexual and reproductive health is everyone’s business. 

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