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Through in-depth photography education and mentoring, our newest program, UnExposed, aims to empower and give a voice to young refugees and other forcibly displaced people around the globe. With the recent media coverage on the refugee crisis worldwide, we recognized a distinct lack of stories and photos coming from the refugees themselves. With UnExposed, we're working on filling that gap. Our aim is to give young refugees a sense of dignity, a chance to tell their story and to give us a look into their world from their own eyes.

This summer, we piloted our program in Athens, Greece with three Afghan refugees between the ages of 17 and 20 years old. They took part in a five-week intensive photography course under the guidance of three volunteer photography coordinators, studying topics ranging from the fundamentals of photography, composition, lighting, storytelling, and even some videography. Today, they continue to take photos weekly and receive feedback from their mentors online. 

Each student has a dedicated page which includes a little bit of their story and some of their best photographic works. Their pages will be updated regularly as they continue on their journey. 


Click on any student's portrait to learn more about them and to view their phenomenal work.