The Omugo Pilot Project was The Unmentionables’ first project in Africa! It is based in the Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement, within the Arua District of northwestern Uganda. The Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement has the capacity to hold up to 50,000 refugees fleeing South Sudan. 


1,150 reusable period kits were distributed to newly-arrived women and girls this fall. Kits contained a combination of period underwear, shields, liners, cloth bags, reusable bags for soiled fabric, a period tracking chart, care/wash instructions, and soap.



Uganda is a temporary home to over one million refugees fleeing conflict from nearby countries. Most refugees arriving in Uganda are granted immediate rights as legal residents, access to current education systems, a plot of land, and tools for homesteading. These areas are typically removed from healthcare systems, transportation, and formal or informal markets which sell hygiene items. Products essential to preventing disease, infection, sexual and gender-based violence are difficult to find. Reports of women and girls selling their bodies to obtain period products and basic survival needs are widespread throughout settlements in Uganda.


The Unmentionables worked alongside the WASH country lead Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) to provide menstrual hygiene kits as well as menstrual health training. A team of Hygiene Promoters were trained to build competences and engage in menstrual hygiene management within the camp.

In line with our Smart Aid Principles, products were purchased from three regional suppliers; 150 kits purchased from Days for Girls (Kampala, Uganda), 1,000 kits from Eva Wear (Nairobi, Kenya) and 650 soap units from an Ugandan manufacturer.