Tara Pokras

Women's Health Advocate

Tara Pokras has been working with The Unmentionables since February 2017. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Public Health at The George Washington University's Milken School of Public Health. She has dedicated much of her life to empowering others from young girls in Nicaragua to new mothers in Ghana to refugees in Greece. She is a strategic, hardworking, and collaborative leader with experience in public sector organizational management, program development, and social entrepreneurship. She is interested in using creative problem solving, and design thinking to uncover new solutions to global social impact issues.

Prior to graduate school she managed thousands of volunteers around the US at over 300 partner hospitals at the non-profit Project Sunshine based in NYC. During her tenure she designed, prototyped, and scaled two new hospital programs. One for teen pediatric patients and the other for caregivers of patients. In addition, Tara is the founder of Period Portraits a community media project breaking down the stigma of menstruation through vulnerable storytelling and empowering photographed portraits and an Advisory Board Member of the The Monthly an initiative of the DC Diaper Bank.

When was a time someone did something unmentionable for you? Something you couldn't have done for yourself? 

In this last year and half I've been touched by so many friends, family, mentors, and classmates with their encouragement in my work in the public health field, and passion for what I do. I have been cheered on by so many people to keep going after my dreams, and with their encouragement I feel like it is actually possible. Just a simple text of "good luck" or "you got this" means the world to mean. Through my many side hustles, jobs, and graduate work, I've had a lot of doubt or discouragement, but it is those bright lights of support that keep me going everyday.