From day one, our mission has been to preserve displaced people's right to dignity by ensuring their safe, private, and consistent access to health and hygiene products and support. While health and hygiene support is always one of the top priorities in a displacement crisis, access to sexual and reproductive health products, care, and support is often overlooked and lacks dignified and private channels for support. We first noticed these gaps back in 2016 as refugees and migrants reported receiving ripped, stained, and previously worn underwear and having to request daily packets of menstrual hygiene supplies from male volunteers. Overtime, these gaps have persisted, alongside limited and inconsistent access to sexual and reproductive health care.

As the gaps have continued, so has our commitment to filling them. To date*, we have undertaken Health and Hygiene programs in five countries. Our projects have focused on the provision of basic undergarments, hygiene products, and disposable and reusable menstrual hygiene products.

As we have grown, so have our range of services. Through specialized partnerships with respected medical professionals and organizations, we continue to expand our services to support family planning, sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention, and basic gynecological and obstetric support.

* As of 2018



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