Ideal Woman and The Unmentionables Join Forces to Empower Refugee Women Educators

Austin, TX: Joining together in the mission to help empower refugee women worldwide, IDEAL WOMAN jewelry has partnered with international intimate health nonprofit, The Unmentionables, to create an exclusive, limited edition necklace, “Soheila”.

The Soheila necklace’s namesake is a real woman displaced by conflict and crisis who now empowers others. Sohelia is a refugee from Afghanistan and a recent graduate from The Unmentionables’ Community Educator program, which prepares refugees to teach sexual and reproductive health (SRH) education to their own communities, in their own languages. As community educators, these women earn fair wages from The Unmentionables for their valuable work.

Purchasing one of the 75 limited edition Soheila necklaces supports Soheila and other refugee women educators like her. Fifty-percent of the proceeds from each purchase will go directly to train refugee women in their communities and also help pay their salaries.

"I am excited to partner an create the Soheila necklace for the Unmentionables,” says IDEAL WOMAN creator Allie Pohl. ”I fully stand behind the Community Educator program because it not only trains refugee and migrant women about menstrual health, contraceptives, and gender based violence, but also empowers them to teach women in their own communities. This program helps provide tools for women to feel more knowledgeable."

The IDEAL WOMAN pendant is a symbol of female empowerment meant to remind all women that they are the ideal woman, perfectly imperfect. The exclusive Soheila necklace features a dainty IDEAL WOMAN pendant (10 mm) with a yellow diamond bikini bling on a 14-16 inch adjustable chain. The necklace is 14k Yellow Gold. It is available online at IDEAL WOMAN for $450.

Daniel Berberi