New Platform Makes Sex Ed Available for All

Austin, TX, USA: Global health company RB and its owned consumer brand Durex have joined forces with intimate health non-profit The Unmentionables to create an easy-to-use, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health platform. UnFiltered is a multi-level resource, introduced to the market to put the power of information and knowledge into the hands of millions via an accessible website and app, helping to reduce barriers to oftentimes stigmatized and taboo topics, anywhere in the world. It brings together information from experts on topics ranging from menstruation and reproductive anatomy to healthy relationships and LGBTQ+ sexual health, offering a valuable resource for both the general population and forcibly displaced communities.

RB and Durex’s partnership with The Unmentionables began at the 2017 One Young World summit, with the aim of using Durex’s existing brand equity and resources to educate people on sexual health topics. Not only does UnFiltered fill the gaps left by poor sexual education programs around the world, it was also designed with refugees and people on the move in mind, ensuring everyone has access to this vital health information, and a safe space in which to view it.

UnFiltered is the first truly comprehensive sexual health education platform that prioritizes evidence-based health information in an engaging, user-specific platform, reaching users–whether teens, adults, students, teachers, or community health workers–with the information that is most relevant to them, in the ways that are most useful to their lives,” says The Unmentionables Co-founder and CEO Kaleigh Heard.

While the platform is a solution for all ages and backgrounds, creating a resource that is practical for displaced populations was a key point for The Unmentionables. Only four percent of non-profit organizations working with refugee communities list sexual and reproductive health as a priority, but 89 percent of refugee women surveyed by the organization expressed interest in learning about their sexual and reproductive health. Born out of the desire expressed by refugee women for a discreet way to access such information, UnFiltered aims to provide potentially life-saving information to some of the most vulnerable groups of people. Conscious that the majority of people on the move do not have access to computers, the mobile app and SMS service will be translated into multiple languages, making the information more universally accessible.

Learn more about UnFiltered by exploring the web portal or downloading the mobile app, available for both Android and iOS enabled devices. The official launch of UnFiltered will take place today, October 18th, at the One Young World summit in The Hague. Additional features will continue to rollout through 2019.

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Daniel Berberi