Megan Beck

Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer

Megan is what the offspring of Evil Knievel and Mother Teresa might live like, with a side of Texas twang.  She leads The Unmentionables' logistics, African expansion, human resources, and finance teams. 

Megan's background reflects commitment to education and not-for-profit impact. She created a free preschool in Austin, Texas; directed education programs in Corpus Christi, Texas; and led teaching teams in five countries.  Her curriculum and consulting work stretches across four continents. As a passionate advocate for survivors of human trafficking, gender-based violence and sexual assault, Megan has served these demographics in hospitals, brothels, strip clubs, community forums, and faith-based worship centers.

She previously led a Fortune 100 company's regional corporate social responsibility efforts, but missed the personal connection with clients, and returned to her passion of program and project leadership. Megan brings 14 years as a volunteer with diverse, vulnerable populations to her current Unmentionables role.

A nomad at heart, Megan has traveled to nearly 40 countries.  She holds two bachelor's degrees from the University of North Texas, in International Development and French. She can always be found attempting local dance moves and devouring barbecue of each culture she meets (most frequently in cowgirl boots).

When was a time you needed assistance with something that seemed unmentionable at the time? A situation that you would not have been able to get through without tangible support?

I was in a pretty rough car accident, which put me on bed-rest for a couple of months.  I couldn't wipe my own Unmentionables, let alone brush my teeth or drink without assistance.  If it wasn't for loved ones rotating taking care of me- who rigged an at-home bidet, engineered duct-tape eating utensil solutions, and bathed me- I wouldn't have healed.