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Sexual and reproductive health items, education, and protection are essential needs for all humans, however, these basics are among the most inconsistently provided during migration crises due to cultural taboos and limited funds. We exist to fill this gap.

By donating to The Unmentionables you are  providing dignity  to forcibly displaced people around the world through safe and consistent access to sexual and reproductive health education, services, protection, and empowerment programs. The products and programs we supply can protect refugees from disease, infection, and sexual and gender-based violence as well as empower them through livelihood and learning opportunities.

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By giving monthly, your recurring donation will have a direct impact on the lives of refugees around the world. The need is ongoing and by contributing monthly, you're helping to support a sustainable, long-term solution.

Invest in ensuring that every forcibly displaced person is equipped with the knowledge, tools, resources, and power to make safe and well-informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.

Where does your donation go? Click here to see our impact reports!



Your monthly donations will help sponsor our sexual and reproductive health education programs for both men and women.


Your monthly donations will contribute to our empowerment and livelihood programs such as Community Educators and UnExposed, providing refugees with valuable tools and skills.


Your monthly donations will help to protect refugees from sexual and gender based violence and human trafficking.