Garvey Chui


Garvey is interested in engagement and accountability. We have advanced too much with technology and intellect to not challenge the current process and direction of humanity. She has spent over 11 years interweaving her expertise in talent management, strategic partnerships, and business development; cross-pollenating best practices from the civic, social impact, and corporate sectors. Garvey is known for her resourcefulness, out-of-the-box collaborative thinking, dedication towards social impact, and ability to meet and build meaningful relationships with people from all walks of life. The fire in her belly is fuelled by working on commercial initiatives aimed for >1 billion people and/or those living on US$2/day – namely projects that deal with anything “Below the Waist, Above the Knee”. She is a coach for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and executives focusing on enhancing productivity, dealing with change, work-life balance, and building legacy. 

Garvey is an UNAC ‘Champion for Diversity’ and one of Hong Kong's "Women of Hope". She currently sits on the selection committee for the UN (SDGs) Solutions Summit, and recently returned from volunteering at various refugee camps in Greece.


When was a time someone did something unmentionable for you? Something you couldn't have done for yourself? 

Vulnerability is a tough teacher. I have had several moments - especially as a social entrepreneur - where I've felt helpless and powerless. If it wasn't for my family's, partner's, and friends' support I wouldn't have been able to get through many situations. One time was when we were under a lot of financial stress and a group of friends gathered together privately to create a Kickstarter for us; leading to a USD25,000 raise from an anonymous group of supporters and circle of influence who believed in us and what we did. It really taught me about sticking up for the things you believe in and the power of asking others for help.