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Can’t afford to donate but want to help provide dignity through hygiene to refugees worldwide? Or maybe you want to get more involved with The Unmentionables but don’t have the time to volunteer?

You can still make a difference despite not having the money or time. If you feel passionately about empowering individuals through the provision of intimate health products consider becoming a Digital Defender!

Do you remember the ice bucket challenge in support of ALS? To show you how powerful social media is, nearly 2 million videos were posted of people taking part in this challenge, with 4.48 million people using the hashtag on Twitter, and a total of $115 million in donations. This was one of the most successful online campaigns, all thanks to the power of social media.

Within a few seconds, through a share, like, comment, or retweet from your phone or computer YOU can bring dignity through hygiene to displaced people in Greece, Uganda, Somalia, Kenya, and Texas. Social media is a force to be reckoned with, while you may think posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram have little impact on the populations that we serve, this is far from the truth. The influence you have with your friends and family on social media can contribute to improving someone’s hygiene, confidence and safety.

Social media is powerful but with you on our Digital Defenders Team, social media can change lives. Are you ready to join the team? Sign up, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and get sharing our posts!

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