What is a 'The Unmentionables Campus Club'?
A 'The Unmentionables Campus Club' is a group of college or university students who believe that every refugee deserves dignity through hygiene. This body of students is willing to take effective steps to help The Unmentionables address the issues that refugees face in camps worldwide. They will advocate for the right to dignity for every refugee, engage their communities and peers, and fundraise to support The Unmentionables' projects and programs overseas.


Are you passionate about refugee rights and health? Do you want to provide dignity through hygiene?  
If you answered YES, then join or start a 'The Unmentionables Campus Club' chapter on your university, college, or high school campus. By joining or starting your own chapter, you will become a member of a passionate, dedicated, tenacious, and creative network of individuals that help provide dignity through hygiene to refugees worldwide.

What are the benefits of starting a 'The Unmentionables Campus Club' chapter?
By joining or starting a 'The Unmentionables Campus Club' chapter, you will gain first-hand knowledge and experience in community and peer engagement, advocacy, fundraising, and leadership. You will also gain a deeper understanding about the issues and challenges that impact refugees worldwide and play a role in providing refugees with 'unmentionable' products. 

Start a chapter today!

If you would like to know more about The Unmentionables Campus Clubs, or would like more information about how to join or start a chapter on your campus, don't hesitate to email us at clubs@theunmentionables.ca.