Callie Hodge

Director, Development Director

Possessing an intoxicating humor, a sincere compassion for others, spontaneity, and an infectious laugh, Callie can earn friendship from practically anyone who crosses her path. She makes it a point to befriend at least one person in any social setting which makes networking a breeze.

Born and raised in a small town in North Carolina, she quickly realized she had a burning desire to expand her horizons, see the world, and help others. Residing in seven differing states throughout her lifetime, a nomad to say the least, she has found herself well accustomed to working with a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds. For nearly a decade, she has dedicated a tremendous amount of time to community outreach and bettering the lives of those around her by volunteering for the Special Olympics, Nationwide Children's Hospital, and Habitat for Humanity. She has also taken part in ministerial mission trips that consisted of building homes in rural Appalachia.

As a passionate supporter of women’s rights and family matters, she has spent countless hours volunteering for causes and organizations against domestic violence, as well as promoting the well-being of children.

Despite a tenacious work ethic and continuous devotion to others, Callie always finds time to unwind with a good book, spending time with her family, watching hockey, or by cheering on her beloved Ohio State Buckeyes. She holds a degree in Marketing and a passion for people. In addition to serving on our Board of Directors, Callie leads The Unmentionables' Development programs.

When was a time you needed assistance with something that seemed unmentionable at the time? A situation that you would not have been able to get through without tangible support? 

The acts of kindness I've experienced throughout the entirety of my life are countless. However, one experience sticks out in 2009 when I spent a week in the hospital with a kidney infection that initially could not be diagnosed. My symptoms were all over the board; high fever, vomiting, pain in my lower back and lower abdomen. The span of five days seemed like a lifetime as doctors made their rounds day in and day out, even checking my unmentionable parts as protocol seeing as they could not reach a verdict on my mysterious infection. I was attached to what seemed to be every IV in the hospital and found it difficult to muster the strength to even make my way to the toilet as the infection worsened. I, being quite modest and just a teen,  was absolutely humiliated each time a doctor came in to inspect my lady parts. Finally, I had a friend calm my nerves, reminding me that it was a part of their job to provide me with proper treatment. Something in the reassurance of her voice settled my nerves and put me at ease,which truly got me through the unsettling inspections with a little more dignity.