Starting a Campus Club with The Unmentionables

Amanda DeYoung, The Unmentionables’ Campus Engagement Intern

In January 2018, The Unmentionables launched its first ever Campus Clubs campaign. By publishing The Unmentionables Campus Club Toolkit, students were given the tools to actively support our mission by starting their own high school, college, or university campus-based club.

At The Unmentionables, we believe that every refugee deserves safe and consistent access to sexual and reproductive health education, services, protection, and empowerment programs. Therefore, we want to empower young people to become leaders, to advocate for the right to dignity for every refugee, to engage their communities and peers, and to fundraise to support The Unmentionables' mission worldwide.

Trying to understand the global refugee crisis may seem daunting at first, and it often leaves people wondering what they could possibly do to help make a significant impact and change the lives of others. By joining or starting a 'The Unmentionables Campus Club' chapter, students gain a deeper understanding about the issues and challenges that impact refugees worldwide. We also provide our Campus Club members with the proper tools and guidance that allow them to address these issues – they are given the opportunity to play an important role in providing refugees with 'unmentionable' products, education, paid employment opportunities, and much more.

In January 2018, we were proud to form our very first Campus Club at the University of Western Ontario – Co-Founder and CEO Kaleigh Heard’s alma mater. The Unmentionables chapter at Western is composed of passionate, tenacious, and creative members who are dedicated to providing dignity to refugees worldwide.

“By encouraging students to gain first-hand experience with fundraising, advocacy, and leadership, The Unmentionables Campus Clubs empower students to make a difference and help refugees worldwide.” — Jill Crich, President of The Unmentionables at Western  

Currently, our Campus Clubs team is focusing on bringing campus-based clubs to schools in Canada and the United States. If you’d like to know more about The Unmentionables Campus Clubs or have questions about how to start your own chapter, email us at:

Bianca Settino