QUICK SNAPSHOT: Make a Difference When You Donate a Photo

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Now thanks to our new partner, yours is worth the security of accessible sexual and reproductive health education and services. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be teaming up with Johnson & Johnson to raise $10,000! Through December 31st, they will donate $1 to The Unmentionables for every photo uploaded to our cause on their free Donate a Photo app.

For the past 125 years, Johnson & Johnson has been committed to helping others by supporting biomedical research and supporting organizations which promote health and wellbeing to people around the globe. Their Donate a Photo app connects ordinary people with the causes they care about by providing an easy way to make a difference.

The concept is simple: Johnson & Johnson has curated a list of trusted causes that can be donated to. Each cause will appear in the app until it reaches its goal, or the donation period ends. If the goal isn't reached, the cause will still receive a minimum donation from the company. To make a bigger impact, we encourage you to share your images on your own social media pages and invite your friends to do so as well. If you donate a photo even just 50 days, you’ll raise $50. If you can encourage nine other friends to participate as well, that’s $500. And if each of them also asks ten friends, then in a flash we’ll have raised $5,000!

Each week we’ll provide some suggested themes to inspire you, but of course you are more than welcome to post pictures of your breakfast if that’s what makes you happy!

How to make sure your selfie puts a smile on someone else’s face:

  1. Download the free Donate a Photo App on iOS or Android

  2. Create a free account

  3. Select The Unmentionables as the cause you support

  4. Submit one photo a day, every day, for the next two months!

  5. Set a reminder to help you remember to donate every day

  6. Share your photos on social media

Daniel Berberi