Blandine West

Communications Officer

Blandine has worked for The Unmentionables since early 2017 as our Marketing and Communications Intern, before becoming our Communications Officer in August 2017. She recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Politics and International Relations from the University of Bath. Blandine now works as a Communications and Development Assistant for a non-profit based in London. Since growing up in Thailand she has been an avid traveller and is looking forward to what The Unmentionables Team can achieve around the world.

When was a time you needed assistance with something that seemed unmentionable at the time? A situation that you would not have been able to get through without tangible support?

Honestly, I've learnt that many things often seem unmentionable to begin with but ultimately, we can only do so much on our own. I know for certain that I have only gotten to where I am today because of the incredible generosity and support of so many wonderful people in my life. We often overlook the small gestures of kindness that actually make the biggest difference. As a result, I am a huge believer in paying it forward. If we can make someone's day, increase their self-confidence, give them one less thing to worry about, I'm all in!