Bernard Mathenge

Finance Officer

Born and raised in a poor, small village northwest of Nairobi, Kenya, Bernard is a strong believer that equality for all is indeed attainable. Most of his friends consider him a very versatile ally who can wear different hats depending on the situation. He has completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics & Finance from Kenyatta University and is in line to receive his MBA in finance from the University of Nairobi later this year. Having seen on a first-hand basis the devastating effects of HIV and extreme poverty, he dedicated his time to use his acquired knowledge and skills in support of teams that help alleviate these adverse effects. To this end, he has spent over seven years volunteering and working with non-profits in East Africa that are committed to reducing the ravages of HIV & AIDS, TB and extreme poverty.

When not thinking about non-profit budgets, donor proposals, expense reports and analysis, and supporting Small and Medium Scale enterprises (SMEs) in East Africa access entrepreneurial capital funds, you will find Bernard either exploring nature through solemn walks, experimenting with a new smoothie recipe, or watching a game of football in the company of close friends!

When was a time you needed assistance with something that seemed unmentionable at the time? A situation that you would not have been able to get through without tangible support?

While in college, I got into a nasty accident that injured my right leg and left me hospitalized in the University Health Unit and then transferred to Kenyatta Teaching and Referral Hospital for further tests and procedures. Being in that position meant that there were some normal tasks that suddenly became quite herculean to perform, such as using the restrooms, fetching water and taking stairs or lining up on queue, plus the side effects of the pain medication were leaving me pretty disoriented. I was heavily dependent on a circle of dedicated classmates who took it upon themselves to make sure that I missed very minimal classes and was looked after until I fully recovered. Those classmates and friends were, and still are, heroes to me.