Athens, Greece is the hub for The Unmentionables' Smart Aid model in response to the Middle East and North African refugee crisis. Athens' centralized location and prevalence of like-minded agencies help provide wrap-around services.  The Unmentionables' contributes to intimate hygiene needs of refugees in the urban context, remote camps, and unofficial squats. 



The Unmentionables' Needs Assessment provides us with a snapshot of the product types, sizes, styles and preferences of the refugee populations we serve in an anonymous survey distributed through our partners in Athens and by our team in the Souda camp.  These needs assessments are accessible in English, Arabic, Farsi, and French, and provide us with data that informs our purchasing, ensuring that we never purchase or distribute unwanted or unneeded products.



Our in-country vendors for Unmentionable products are located in Athens. Through bulk purchasing, our vendors provide us with the best prices possible, ensuring we can maximize donations. By purchasing locally, The Unmentionables facilitates understanding and relationship-building between refugees and the local economy.



From Athens, we coordinate the distribution of our products to the surrounding islands. By purchasing in-country and cultivating vendor relationships, we keep logistical costs to a minimum.  The island of Chios, a mere 4 miles from Turkey, is The Unmentionables current island hub.  In the past two months more than 1200 migrants have arrived on Chios, doubling the migrant community The Unmentionables serves on the island.