Alexandra Babinchak

Director, Board Secretary

Having given up on convincing her friends she did not work for any three-letter agencies, Alex took a step back from her work in security and terrorism to study medicine at the University of Queensland, where she focuses broadly on emerging health crises and medicine in conflict areas. She currently holds several research positions at the University of Pennsylvania, manages an internationally-funded public health research team, and remains involved in the security field through ongoing research and consulting related to terrorist network relationships and event forecasting.  Previously, she worked in lung transplant research and clinical trial management and taught at the University of Oxford and and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  She holds an MA from the University of St. Andrews and will complete her MD in 2020.

Born in America, educated in Scotland, and sweating through life in Australia, Alex is a global adventurer with a passion for justice, who daydreams about marching into conflict zones with just a medical kit and grit. When her head isn’t stuck in a book or in a hospital, she’s searching for the nearest ocean to swim in, dancing horribly, or cooking up a storm.

When was a time you needed assistance with something that seemed unmentionable at the time? A situation that you would not have been able to get through without tangible support?

While overseas, I received an urgent call from my doctor regarding my own Unmentionables, and needed to travel back for an emergency procedure. Faced with a potentially malignant diagnosis, I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from friends, family and strangers as I grappled with the life-long repercussions and physical toll. The Unmentionable’s mission to provide dignity through hygiene is now more relatable than ever! The kindness I was shown when I felt wholly undignified helped me recover and shapes my involvement in the Unmentionables.